I Quit! Small Poetry. Rewriting History.


Let’s just admit that at some point we have dreamt of walking into the boss’s office and telling them to shove that job…you know where. Then ride out of the lobby shredding anything that reminds you of the job and out into the wonderful world as an independent writer.


That would be a total baller move.

Who doesn’t want to wake up every morning; start off the day with a nice tea or coffee; take a walk along the beach (or mountain or woods or wherever you prefer); come home and sit in front of your laptop or notebook and just start writing? In the evening you meet up with some friends at the cafe or bar and discuss deep philosophical ideas about anything. Then go home and write some more.

Let’s also admit that many of us don’t get to live that life. We have jobs. We have mortgages. We have families to care for. We have bosses. We have debt. On and on and on…

The fact is, we write when we can. We write in those in between hours after we are able to tear ourselves away from the daily grind. Few have the ability, or courage, to drop it all and chase the dream.


Martin Pierro, the creator of Cosmic Times, had the courage. Just before the recession of 2008, he decided to quit his I-T job at a law firm and chase his dream of starting his own comic book company. Of course, he didn’t know the recession was coming. The timing was just bad luck. But, he survived it and Cosmic Times is still going forward all these years later.


Cosmic Times isn’t just one comic book. It’s now six different titles and growing.

Pierro started his career like a lot of us, he was sketching as a kid. He’s not the artist for these comics. Pierro says he learned he wasn’t going to make it as an artist when he applied to the Ringing School of Art. He’s working with professional artists to handle the artwork.

I talked to him about what it takes to just walk away from a job and chase the dream. He says one thing for sure is an understanding spouse.


I admire this. I really do. And I think there have to be people like Martin to show us, to remind us, that it’s possible. Luckily for me, I love my day job, and it gives me enough time in the day to get to my writing – and this podcast.

Poets Finding Inspiration in Miami

Miami is known for a lot of things. It’s home to Cuban sandwiches, Cuban coffee, South Beach, Gloria Estefan and (as a throwback) Miami Vice.

Miami is also starting to designate itself as a place for artists, writers, and poets. Yup, you heard right. Miami is a great place for poetry.

Don’t take my word for it. Meet Scott Cunningham, founder of O, Miami.


I caught up with him recently at the Miami Book Fair International. They were hosting an event called the World’s Smallest Poetry Reading.

O, Miami is a Knight Foundation-funded organization with the aim of expanding literary culture in greater Miami. Basically, they’re poets and writers committed to helping other poets and writers in the area develop and succeed.

The event was held at the Swamp. The event was tied to the release of a new book called Eight Miami Poets. It’s a collection of poetry from eight local poets who haven’t put together a full-length collection of their own poetry yet.

During the event, people were guided one at a time, into a tent. They’re in there for maybe a few minutes. There’s actually no record in the Guinness World Record list for the smallest poetry reading.

The book is called Eight Miami Poets, put out by Jai-Alai Books and O, Miami. Meet some of the poets from the book.

Annik Adey-Babinski

Fabienne Sylvia

Nick Vagnoni

Zain Aslam

P. Scott Cunningham

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