Sometimes It Takes Time

It doesn’t miff me the fact that sometimes it takes a while to get that first book finished. Having said that, I want to get my first book done.

How long should it take to get that first book finished? Well, it’s complicated, but you already know. It’s not like we sit down and write until we finish. You write you put away; you come back to it, rinse and repeat.

I started writing the Reporter Diaries in 2009. It began as a short story. Eventually, it turned into a young adult novel at roughly 45,000 words. But I kept putting it away because of work, life, stress, fear; you name it.

None of that bothers me. What writer, even the most famous, don’t go through their strange journey to publication, battling demons and the like, until they break through to the light? JK Rowling took more than six years to get the first Harry Potter book done. JR Tolkien took twice as long to get Lord of the Rings finished.

Sometimes it takes time to get it done. How long have you been working on your book?



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