Mr. King, I Have Some Questions

The first adult novel I read was “IT” by Stephen King. I remember how it had this magical hold on me. I gleefully looked forward to the hour before bed, when I would read it, so as to get the best scare.

After that I was on to “The Dead Zone,” “Pet Cemetary,” “The Dark Half,” “Misery,” and so many more. He, along with my eighth grade English teacher Mrs. Kramer, were the biggest reason I wanted to be a writer.

So I started thinking, what if, just what if, I ever got the opportunity to talk to him? What would I ask? Being a radio interviewer I’d like to think I could be prepared. But truthfully, I’d have to fight the urge to just geek out about the fact I was talking to Stephen freaking King.

What three questions would you ask your favorite author ever, dead or alive?


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