Plugging Along One Page At A Time

I’ve battled frustration these last couple days. On Monday I was only able to finish about a page during my writing time. It was barely four hundred words. On Tuesday, I got almost two pages finished. Believe me, I know it’s silly to be upset about how many pages I was able to write. Perspective Luis, I am working on my novel. What more can I ask for in life?

Reportedly Stephen King averages about 2000 words per day. OK, I’m off a bit. But, Ernest Hemingway supposedly did about 500 words per day. OK, I’m feeling better. God knows, I may never be Michael Crichton.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to it. I have to write as much as I can. Maybe, just don’t focus so much on the big picture all the time. Just look at the moment, live in it, and enjoy the process.


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