When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned

My alarm didn’t go off because I forgot to set it last night. So I missed my writing time in the morning. No worries, I’ll write before I go to bed. Sometimes the routine gets tossed into the wastebasket.

I made some time before bed to do a tiny bit of writing. It wasn’t much but I can sleep knowing I followed through. I did want to mention that I had one of the coolest conversations ever. So, if you didn’t know, I’m the host of a public radio show called Sundial on WLRN in Miami. And today I interviewed author Kwame Alexander. He made a name for himself with the book Crossover. His new book is the prequel, Rebound. Nothing inspires me more than to learn from the authors that have come before me. I especially love to be reminded that they started like you and me, just ordinary folks with a dream.

Oh wait, I mentioned something about a dream and then didn’t. So I have a lot of dreams about water. In my dream last night I was walking across this ledge overlooking a beautiful but dark lake. I reached the end and realized I couldn’t cross without jumping in. Not wanting to get wet I turned back but by now the water was rising and now I was wading through it. I panicked and raced back to the place I started and climbed out. Why was I afraid of getting into the water?


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