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Because Your Fear Is About Perspective

Writing a book is daunting. Come on; you’re trying to put about 75-80,000 words together so that another living soul, not including a family member, will want to read it. So it’s likely that you’ll probably battle self-doubt from time to time. That’s OK. It’s a good thing.

I said it, being discouraged is a good thing. Hell, it’s a great thing. Adversity is the great thing. It keeps life interesting. Sure, there’s that frustration of not getting to the destination, but if we could get to the goal so quickly then what, you’ll spend all your time just hanging around doing nothing. The adversity makes us grow. The self-doubt can be a motivator. It makes you want to figure it out.

Remember a moment in your childhood when you were trying to learn something, but it wasn’t easy? OK, I have an example, and it may be a silly example, but I recall when I had my first bike, and I wanted to learn how to do a wheelie. I tried over and over and over. There may still be a few remnants of scars from those efforts. But even when I saw other kids doing it, I got excited, not deterred. I wanted it more so I kept going until that front wheel went up and I could keep it there for a while.

Struggle to write that book. But get excited about the fact that tomorrow you’ll be right back at it.



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