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For Evermore…

It’s the damned birds again. They keep me up at night with their chirp, chirp, chirping. And mind you, I don’t hate birds. Heck, this one bird’s song is quite lovely in its patterns and complexity. It’s just that hearing it go on and on at three in the morning is too much.

Other than that, I’m feeling good as I enter the thirteenth day of the documenting of this journey. I’m coming up on chapter four of the book. Looking for a little extra inspiration to get me to sit down and work, I think about the fact that the Avengers new film is about to come out.

Yes, I geek out over comics, graphic novels, and superhero movies. What can I say? As a kid bullies enjoyed picking on me. So, like many other young boys who ran from the big kid on the block, I dreamt of being a superhero. With superpowers, I could beat up the bully, scare him straight, and protect all the other kids from harm. Also, I wanted a cape.

Whatever inspires you, use it and get to work on that dream. Write people, just write.



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