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Wanna Know Something Else That Inspires Me?

It’s a Saturday, and I’m doing my writing later than usual. It doesn’t matter. I’ll write whenever I can, as long as I get some writing done every single day. Funny thing, I tend to feel a bit more creative in the evening. So why is my writing time in the morning on the weekdays? I’m working on another podcast in the evenings. Yes, I’m busy.

I just finished listening to the true-crime podcast Felonious Florida, produced by the Sun Sentinel and Wonderly. I’m going to interview two of the producers of the podcast on Monday on my radio show Sundial.

The podcast, one of the top podcasts on iTunes right now, is about a murder that occurred in South Florida almost 24 years ago and remains unsolved with another trial scheduled this summer.

After finishing it I felt a bit inspired, seeing how my novel is a thriller with a group of people committing the heinous crime of human trafficking. Well, time to get back to work. So write already.



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