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Start At The End

It was a complete accident. Well, it was more me not paying attention to what I was doing. This weekend I wanted to watch the last season of Archer, one of my favorite shows. I usually caught it on Netflix, but they tossed the show so now I’m a Hulu guy.

I accidentally, I mean my fault, watched the last episode first. It made no sense, but I figured, maybe the show was going in a new direction. Or perhaps the show’s producers were trying a Tarantino style format. Seeing the last episode first didn’t ruin anything.

But it got me thinking, what if you start writing your book from the last chapter instead of from the beginning?

My first attempt at a novel was called “More Than A Game,” and I wrote the last chapter first. This current novel I also started by writing a short story that was the actual ending. Stephen King says he doesn’t like that method. Well, as much respect as I have for him, I’ll respectfully disagree. Then again he’s sold over 300 million copies, and I’m an unpublished wannabe.



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