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Learn From Past Failures

I found a piece of my past and starting digging through items that lived stored away in a box for years.

The first novel I wrote was shortly after college. It happened one night while at the office. A ping of inspiration hit me, and it wasn’t long before that became the last chapter of the book. I wrote the first draft on an electric typewriter. The book was rejected and eventually shoved away in a closet. Yes, I gave up that time.

Looking back through the memories I do regret the fact that I had conceded, but I won’t dwell on it. Instead, I’ll learn from it. So with this second novel, I plan on going until it ultimately gets published, no matter how many drafts and rejections.


Speaking of memories, do you remember the three-inch disks we saved our data? The photos were part of the research done for the book, which I initially called Everyone’s Hero and later changed to More Than A Game.

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