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I Need To Admit Something

I want to admit something. It doesn’t make me unique or different. A lot of you understand what I’m about to say. I live with a ton of self-doubt.

Why has it taken me almost nine years, really coming up on ten, to finish my novel? Here’s a hint, it has nothing to do with my other job. And, it shouldn’t take this long.

It’s mostly due to the fact I have a lot of bouts of self-doubt and fear. There are times (it feels like many) where I suffocate from these feelings of being a fraud. It hits me in all areas of life. But that’s my excuse for taking so long to finish this book.

This documenting of my journey is helping. But I also try and live by an idea I once heard from author JK Rowling. Write for yourself. Sage advice.

(Oh, I need to say this because I’m trying an experiment. Listen to the podcast, and you’ll understand when I say toy train set collecting.)


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