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Getting Past Those Rainy Day Blues

Rainy days should be great for writing. Not for me. They’re lazy days. I’m not kidding. It’s like my mind wants to veg out. So I need to go somewhere to stimulate my brain and get the blood flowing.

Today I decided to spend my morning in a bookstore. Granted, the store I go to is not one that lends itself to a cozy sit down with a latte and some writing. But, it’s the closest one, and I don’t always feel like wasting the gas to drive far away.

Speaking of places to write, where is your favorite place to sit down with your computer and churn out your novel? I do prefer being at home, even with all the distractions. But I like my workspace a lot.


3 thoughts on “Getting Past Those Rainy Day Blues”

      1. I’ve learned in order to write from home, I need to disconnect from the internet. Away from the WiFi and the social media and distraction searching. Just old school computer to type on with nothing but word to keep me company.


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