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When Is It Time To Go Back To Class?

It’s been a while since I was in school last. Actually, it’s been quite a long time, but let’s not focus on my age. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the idea of going back to school. I’ve thought about perhaps getting an MFA or just taking some writing classes.

I’ve even thought about going back to school to get a higher degree, though I’m still not clear on the field of study. So I’m curious about what you think. Is it worth it to take extra writing classes? Is it worth it to get an MFA? Or maybe just find a retreat, have you done one of those?

Besides that my writing is actually going well. My focus is still on my short stories though I do want to return to my novel soon. And I’m trying to build a freelance career just as a side hustle. But I’ve got a lot of ideas turning so I’m having fun doing the research. What sort of freelance life do you have? Any advice?



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