Read To Get Into The Flow.

I used to believe that reading while trying to write my stories, would interfere with my creative process. I didn’t want to find other people’s ideas find their way into my work.

Now I know better. Reading helps a great deal. It keeps my mind in the flow. So, here’s what I’m reading at the moment: The Year’s Best Science Fiction Collection 34th Edition, The Water Will Come, and now I’m adding Wonderbook to the mix.

I also read an interview with author Ta Nehisi Coates in the New York Times that he will be writing the new series of Captain America. You see, there’s inspiration everywhere. Read a lot. Write often. Make no excuses.

Remember, write, right now.

Published by Luis Hernandez

I'm blessed. Most of my professional career, almost 20 years, I've spent as a journalist. Some of it was in print, a little in television, but most of it in radio. I've worked with some wonderfully talented producers and directors in those two decades. It would take pages to elaborate on all of the experiences I've had as a reporter, producer and host. Needless to say they include opportunities talking with leaders of state, religious leaders, civic leaders, writers, artists and entertainers. The last couple decades have been a lot of fun. But, the next couple decades will be far better.

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