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I Got A Question And A Gripe

I’m getting back to my novel, so I decided to find a couple of books for research purposes.  Since my book is focused on a young female protagonist who happens to be a newspaper reporter, I discovered two books that also have journalists as the protagonist.

I merely want to see how other writers tackle this sort of hero. There’s another motive though. I’m writing a story with a reporter as my heroine because I want to change the way people view journalists.

So I’m going to read The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, and The Sportswriter by Richard Ford.

I also have a few things more to say about a particular bookstore. And since there’s only one box store left you can guess which I’m talking about. I don’t hate Barnes & Noble, but I’ve got issues with them. I hope they’re reading this, better yet I hope they listen to the podcast.

Go and write, right now.


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