What Is That Power David Caruso Has Over Me?

No, I am not a regular viewer of CSI Miami. But, tonight I made the mistake of catching the first five minutes because it meant I had to view all of it. Seriously, what is it about David Caruso?

It did get me thinking though, as I was laughing at the way these crime shows are written. Suspects are kept at the station until all of the evidence is gathered, and someone finally confesses? I did get to spend time with actual officers on a cold case investigation. That was an eye-opener.

I do have to apologize, but there’s more griping about a particular bookstore. Oh, what’s the point? I think we are witnessing the demise of Barnes&Nobles and maybe that’s not a bad thing. But, I share a couple of ideas that might (or might not) save the company.

On a positive note, I am getting a lot of writing done during my commute every day. Use that memo app on your phones, as long as you are OK transcribing a lot of audio. Or just pay one of these online companies to do it for you. I love Trint. It’s reasonable.

Happy writing.


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