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Join A Group. It’s Fun.

I think that writers groups are fantastic. I recall the folks at the Las Vegas Writer’s Group as being a fun bunch. And they got me to my first Writer’s Conference.

Currently, I’m part of a couple writing groups on Facebook. They’re a joy because they offer a wide array of personalities. People are posting beautiful and inspiring ideas and stories about their success, which in turn motivates me to work harder. There are also those who create funny, if not compelling, writing prompts. And, they’re not mean but honest.

What groups have you joined? How do they help?

I also want to ask if you have people who are reading your work. A dear friend, a published author, told me that it’s not necessary to have people read your work. If anything, he said, you’re just looking for confirmation of something, and you may never get it. What do you think of that? If you do have someone reading your work, how do you choose them?



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