Use Music To Get Into The Mood…to write.

I don’t think I can write without noise going on somewhere around me. Truth is, I don’t believe anyone has ever written in a completely silent space. Think about it, even if you were in a closet or closed room with no windows and it was soundproof, you’d probably start hearing your own heartbeat or tinnitus (in my case).

I prefer to have some form of music in the background. I follow a bunch of these channels on Youtube that offers hours of epic music, no lyrics. I put one of those on and forget about it. When I’m writing my novel, a suspense thriller, I usually listen to movie soundtracks that have more energy and pace. I love the Jason Bourne soundtracks. And other times I listen to natural sounds. This one is 11 hours of ocean sounds.

Less and less I find myself writing in locations. Mostly that’s due to my schedule. But, I just don’t like the distractions of being in a cafe or bookstore. In another podcast, I’ll talk about setting up a good writing space.


Published by Luis Hernandez

I'm blessed. Most of my professional career, almost 20 years, I've spent as a journalist. Some of it was in print, a little in television, but most of it in radio. I've worked with some wonderfully talented producers and directors in those two decades. It would take pages to elaborate on all of the experiences I've had as a reporter, producer and host. Needless to say they include opportunities talking with leaders of state, religious leaders, civic leaders, writers, artists and entertainers. The last couple decades have been a lot of fun. But, the next couple decades will be far better.

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