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Use Music To Get Into The Mood…to write.

I don’t think I can write without noise going on somewhere around me. Truth is, I don’t believe anyone has ever written in a completely silent space. Think about it, even if you were in a closet or closed room with no windows and it was soundproof, you’d probably start hearing your own heartbeat or tinnitus (in my case).

I prefer to have some form of music in the background. I follow a bunch of these channels on Youtube that offers hours of epic music, no lyrics. I put one of those on and forget about it. When I’m writing my novel, a suspense thriller, I usually listen to movie soundtracks that have more energy and pace. I love the Jason Bourne soundtracks. And other times I listen to natural sounds. This one is 11 hours of ocean sounds.

Less and less I find myself writing in locations. Mostly that’s due to my schedule. But, I just don’t like the distractions of being in a cafe or bookstore. In another podcast, I’ll talk about setting up a good writing space.



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