What If…

Let’s say I could grant you one wish. I’ll give you a six-month hiatus from your current work and life to go anywhere in the world so you can write your novel, short stories, or poems. Where would you go?

I know, it doesn’t matter where you go to write. Heck, I’ve stopped going to the local bookstore cafe (for numerous reasons I’ve mentioned in this podcast) and am getting cozy in my own home. But I spent the day in the Florida Keys recently. I didn’t get to go inside the Hemingway home but at least I got to see it. Even though it was a work excursion, it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty of the islands. During the drive, I just blurted out to my producers, “If only I could have six months to just hang here on the beach and write.”

On a more serious note, the trip was eye-opening from a different perspective. We spent time with a group of folks who are still trying to recover from last year’s Hurricane Irma. One man we spoke to walked us out to this lovely beach lot overlooking the Atlantic. It was serene. But it was also depressing. I mention why in the podcast.

Hope you’re churning out a lot of work. Keep writing.

Published by Luis Hernandez

I'm blessed. Most of my professional career, almost 20 years, I've spent as a journalist. Some of it was in print, a little in television, but most of it in radio. I've worked with some wonderfully talented producers and directors in those two decades. It would take pages to elaborate on all of the experiences I've had as a reporter, producer and host. Needless to say they include opportunities talking with leaders of state, religious leaders, civic leaders, writers, artists and entertainers. The last couple decades have been a lot of fun. But, the next couple decades will be far better.

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