The Future Ain’t Always Dark.

As a GenXer, many of the stories of my youth that dealt with the future were a mix of dystopian sagas or optimistic fantasies. Star Wars and Star Trek were tales that, though they dealt with evil, they showed the power of human (and alien) potential. Then, of course, you had the Terminator series, which was dark, depressing and way cool with killer cyborgs.

To me, stories about the future don’t have to be dystopian. Humans don’t have to be on the edge of extinction. I’m fascinated with the idea that humans are adaptable. What if the oceans rise another five feet? Many people will leave the coastal cities. Many will stay. Better yet, how will we rebuild and restructure our cities and our lives to adapt to those changes?

These ideas are the center of a new series of short stories I’m working on. It’s life in Miami and Las Vegas in the year 2072. I’ll share more as my work progresses. Also, read any good soccer books lately? Maybe you watched a decent soccer movie? Is there such a thing?