Advice From Published Authors

It’s common sense, right, that the best advice comes from those who have walked the pat? If you want to know what it takes to succeed as an author, learn from successful published authors.

Well, I’ve got volumes of advice. No, not because I’ve achieved the lifelong dream of seeing my book on shelf in a bookstore. In all my years as a radio interviewer I’ve had the opportunity to sit across from a lot of authors.

This week on the 60 Second Podcast I’m going to share advice from three of amazing writers who have helped me.

macomberFirst up is Robert Macomber, author of Maritime fiction. He’s a down-to-earth kind of guy who lives on Pine Island on the westcoast of Florida. Believe me, having visited the area, it’s about as chill a place as you can find in the sunshine state. His approach is actually quite business-like. He told me that it’s a lot about gathering your intel. Basically, do your research because if you know a lot about a topic or place that will comes through in your work. Think authenticity.randall-platt

Second up is Randall Platt. I met her at a writer’s conference in Las Vegas years ago. She is a blast of beautiful energy and you’ll find yourself just wanting to listen to her for hours. Her advice might have been the most powerful I’ve ever received. She basically told me not to be married to my ideas.

CartayaThird up is a good friend of mine, Pablo Cartaya. He’s a former actor who has devoted his energy to his writing. His stories inspire young people to find their voice and dare to step out of fear into the unknown. He told me that the best thing you can do to bring your characters to life is to know everything about them. What’s their backstory? What do they look like – in every way? Know more than you’ll ever reveal.

Remember, writing is a personal experience. In the end, you’ll find your path to getting the story from your head to the page. One thing I can say with definitiveness…you have to do the work.

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