You’re Rejected

You’re not a writer if you haven’t had your work rejected. OK, that’s not true, but it sounds cool to say. It’s one of those badges of honor that add a sense of credibility. Of course, if you are starting the process of writing for the pursuit of publication, then you can certainly expect to face rejection. Even the most renowned authors in history have had doors slammed in their face. And if they have, you don’t stand a chance.

But I go back to the idea that it’s just a badge of honor. It means you dare to push ahead with your dreams. The more you’re rejected simply means you will fight for those dreams and nothing is going to shake you. Rejected doesn’t have to submit you to saying ‘I quit?’ Some people might argue that you do until the day you die.

I was thinking recently about a time I faced rejection. It wasn’t just from anyone by the way. The person who turned down my book pitch was none other than Arthur Levine. Who is that? Remember the Biography Channel story of JK Rowling? He was the American publisher who discovered Harry Potter. Yup, that guy rejected me.

Now, I don’t want to make it sound like getting rejected is fun, or that I live a carefree life with no ambition. It’s just that, I’ll face rejection and that’s fine. It fuels my drive. It gives me a boost of anger, the good kind that gets you off your butt. The lesson of the day boys and girls, don’t worry about being rejected. Use it.

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