A Simple Piece Of Advice

I was hanging out recently with a good friend, Pablo Cartaya. And we were talking about my situation, which is that I’m stuck trying to make my protagonist pop off the page.

For me, my lead is so obvious and clear. I can see her and even hear her. But, I’m not doing enough to make her three-dimensional for the reader. Pablo gave me two great pieces of advice.

The first thing he told me was to write a few paragraphs where my protagonist is doing something any of us would do during the day; hanging out at the cafe, going to the gym, or going on a date, etc…

And make sure to write it from their perspective. How would they react to everyday little things. So not only are you describing the person physically, but you’re getting into their mind to understand how they deal with the people, situations, and even objects. This has been an amazing process that’s really making my protagonist pop. Oh, he gave me a second piece of advice. Just listen in to hear it.

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