Want A Good Scare?

Even if you’re not into horror, stay with me. I promise that I have something that will be useful to all writers.

I just got to do an interview for my radio show about the upcoming Popcorn Frights Film Festival. It’s a weeklong festival in South Florida that showcases a couple dozen horror films from all around the world and a couple homegrown projects. One of the movies featured is a short called the Horse and the Stag by local filmmaker Jonathan Cuarta.

The movie is a ten-minute piece that packs more emotion and intensity than some full-length feature films. And it got me thinking about two things: first, even if you’re not into horror, you should read some. Read a lot of things you’re not used to because you’ll learn something new. Besides, if you want to know how to write about fear, what better place to start. Second, short films show you how to stuff a ton of action and character nuance into a short space. Sometimes less is best.

Happy writing!