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Write A Book, Make A Movie.

I’m currently reading the book The Meg. It’s actually homework because the author,┬áSteve Alten is going to be a guest on my radio program. And I also went to watch the movie of the same name, starring Jason Statham.

OK, the movie was silly fun. You know what you’re getting into when you go to a movie like that. I enjoyed it, but every now and again I just like a fun thrill ride without getting profound. The book is a lot of fun and reminds me of Jurassic Park, the book.

And it got me thinking, what was the best movie adapted from a book? It’s hard to do, I understand. But, once in a while, a director gets really close. For me, it has to be Misery, from Stephen King. Kathy Bates was spot on as the crazed fan, and James Caan hit the chord beautifully in creating that strange relationship between captor and hostage.

Hope you’re writing is coming along. Just keep at it. Remember, a little every day, and after a month you have a lot. Next time we’ll talk about doing presentations at bookstores or other events.