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The World Cup Inspires Me To Write.

It’s true that the first book I ever started writing was a fantasy story. I began work on that project in the summer between junior high and high school. But, I never finished that idea. The first novel I completed came years later, shortly after graduating from college.

It was a young adult fictional tale of a boy who had to go live with distant relatives in a foreign country. He hated his life, but he found a path to something greater in the game of soccer. He would eventually become the national hero helping win the World Cup. By the way, this was 1998 during the Cup.

One day I might return to that project, but for now, I’m focused on my second novel, which is my passion. I’m also working on a series of short stories about life in Miami and Las Vegas (the last two cities I’ve lived in) in the year 2072. It’s a SciFi series about the world after the seas have risen and intense weather events are a regular occurrence. Hope your writing is going great. Keep it up.